Consulting services
for accessible culture

Did you know that 40% of the population faces obstacles with mobility, orientation, or understanding of printed information? Some temporarily, others throughout their whole life because of their disability.

It is a big segment of society for which your cultural events might be less accessible or not accessible at all.

Are you interested in becoming open up to this audience?

We will help you!

What do we do?

Starting from2016 we make organise a film festival for all:


We map the accessibility of our film festival venues for all who have physical disabilities.

Films with Czech subtitles

We screen films with Czech open captions for the Deaf and hard of hearing audience.


Selected events are interpreted in the Czech sign language.

Audio descriptions

We create and provide audio descriptions for selected films for the blind audience.

Relaxed screenings

We organise relaxed screenings accessible to viewers with intellectual disabilities, autism, or to parents with children.

Information in alternative formats

We also provide our audience with information in alternative formats.

Sign language interpreting Stairclimber in use

What do we offer?


We will map the accessibility of your space and events. We identify your physical and information barriers.


We will create a custom accessibility concept (from the first visit to your website to the opening ceremony).


We will walk you through the process so that you don't feel alone. We will ensure cooperation with experts with disabilities on the proposed measures.


We will support you during the implementation to ensure the alignment of accessibility measures with your needs. We will evaluate the measures so that you know it works.

Communication of cinema audience with volunteers

Try it!

Do you want to be accessible to a diverse audience but you are not sure how to do it?

Do you want your institution to be truly barrier-free, but you don't know where to start?


  • We will provide you with the experience of practical training to give you a sense of what accessibility means. Under the guidance of a pair of instructors, we will help you to map the barriers of your event or institution and teach you how to communicate with people with physical, hearing, or visual disabilities. We will offer you three measures that will make you 100% more accessible.
  • The training takes 2 hours for a group of maximum 12 people.


  • Want to know more? Do you want to plan which approach to choose or do you look for advice on the kind of accessibility which is the best suited for your specific needs?


  • Interested in the accessibility to the full? We offer you a detailed accessibility audit of your event or institution. Not only we will identify deficiencies but most importantly we will propose meaningful and viable measures to make you more accessible.
Realtime Transcription of a speech Festival navigation and moviegoers in a cinema A spectator in a wheelchair in front of the entrance to the cinema auditorium

Accessibility is the new norm

Accessibility is not a charity for us. It is a tool to open your event or institution to the people who have most probably never visited it before. It is a way to increase the diversity of your audience. It is a belief that everybody has a right to access and enjoy the culture.

What´s in it for you?

We know you probably don't have time to spare, but try unusual team building in the form of our accessibility training and see for yourself.

Often three small steps are enough and you will be more accessible than most competitors.

And the world will never be the same.

A guest in a wheelchair on the stage during a post-screening discussion


Centrum současného umění DOX Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival Centrum architektury a městského plánování Bio Oko Kino Ponrepo Kino Světozor

Who are we

The One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival is part of the People in Need Organisation.

In 2016 we decided that the film festival should be accessible to everyone and we started to work on the accessibility of the festival.

People with disabilities work on our team. We work with organisations that help people with disabilities, as well as cinemas and other cultural institutions that have decided to offer accessible services.

We created a manual on how to make culture accessible.

A screening opening with the interpretation into English and Czech sign language