Array ( [id] => 51978 [film_number] => 1105 [imageUrl] => [imageAltEN] => [titleEN] => Absconded – Young Russians on the Run [premiereEN] => Czech premiere [countryEN] => Germany [YEAR] => 2022 [timeEN] => 53 [DIRECTOR] => Ann Winzer [languageEN] => Russian [subtitlesEN] => English, Czech [shortSynopsisEN] => Egor lives in Irkutsk, Russia, loves ice diving, and is an active proponent of conserving Siberian nature on social media. But with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, his life will change radically. [synopsysEN] => What was it like in Russia during the first days after the invasion of Ukraine? What happens to those who express disagreement with the current situation? While Egor takes a stand against the war, Putin’s regime imposes severe punishments for any form of resistance. Egor’s thousands of followers on social media give him a platform to speak, but this also places him in the crosshairs of the security forces. The only alternative to prison seems to be to flee the country. Egor’s story is of a Russian citizen caught in a system that employs ingenious means to silence the truth. It shows the second front of the Russian war: in addition to the Ukrainian one, there is also the fight against its own citizens who will not readily submit to the regime’s arbitrary rule. [linkToOnlineEN] => ) 

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