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Promítej i ty! | HeartCore

14. 03. 2017 | 20:00 | Déjàvu Cafe | Sokolská st. 586/7 | free entrance

Directed by Lenka Vochocová & Kateřina Bubeníčková / 2015 / Czech Republic / 52 min

Is sexuality of people with mental disabilities still taboo? If so, this screening tries to disprove it. There are four main characters, two women and two men. Partnership, sexuality and the question of parenthood, those are the main topics in their minds. Is it better to lost virginity with a prostitute when you are forty years old or wait for the true love. What is it like to have a healthy baby and not to be allowed to take care of your baby. How can women deal with fact that they were forced to sterilization?

Promítej i ty! | Gayby Baby

15. 03. 2017 | 18:30 | The Faculty of Science of Palacký University | 17. listopadu st. 1192/12 | free entrance

Directed by Maya Newell / 2015 / Australia / 85 min

Graham (12) was adopted by his dads, when he was 5 years old and he couldn’t even speak yet. Now he has trouble with reading and he is worried about going to new school because of that. Ebony (12) wants to go to the school in a better part of the city. She wants to escape from the suburbs, where people are very judgmental. Gus (11) has a dream. He wants to go for a wrestling match with his mothers. Matt (11) is extremely intelligent and helps his mothers with legalisation of marriage for everyone, but he refuses going with them to the church. A lovely documentary film about ordinary days in adolescents lifes is important part in discussion about contemporary family.


The organisation called People in Need o.p.s. celebrates the 10th Anniversary in the Olomouc Region

23. 03. 2017 | 09:00 – 18:00 | People in Need | Litovelská st. 14 | free entrance

There is the special 10th Anniversary occasion for the organisation People in Need to organize The Open day on 23. 3. 2017. The program of the day will be composed of workshops and seminars. Within the project “Promítej i ty!” – “Get Your Audiance!” there will be screened document called Hiphop-eration (4 pm) in the office of the organisation People in Need (Litovelská 14). The film is about fascinating journey of New Zeland seniors, who have a dream of performing their hiphop show in an international dance competition in Las Vegas.


Promítej i ty! | Hiphop-eration 

23. 03. 2017 | 16:00 | People in Need | Litovelská st. 14 | free entrance

Directed by Bryn Evans / 2014 / New Zealand / 93 min

Can a group of seniors, who are mainly around 90 years old and every member has a joint replacement, be a part of a hiphop dance competition successfully? The film is about fascinating journey of enthusiasts from New Zeland, who want their performance do in Las Vegas. They have a lot of energy and a fresh perspective. Thanks to their positive attitude, no obstacle can stop them. The age is just a number and with humor everything is getting better. Young manager and trainer Billie has a clear vision and she wants to achieve her goals. She is supportive close friend for the group. As she always says: “Everybody goes, even if it has to be in an urn.”


Aleš Mynář: Landscapes & Armenian journal (photo exhibition preview)

23. 03. 2017 | 18:00 – 22:00 | The Art Centre of Palacký University – The Jesuit College | Univerzitní st. 3 | free entrance


Aleš Mynář in his artwork of landscapes shows depopulated wilderness far away from human civilisation. Composition of pictures is about basic elements – water, air, rocks, trees. The final photographic project seems to be graphic more than anything else. Author adapts selection of places, amount of time which he needs to spend there and do not hesitate to come to the same place again and again.

Armenian journal

During years 2003 and 2004 was founded his set called Forgotten Armenia which in composed shots shows inhabitants of city Gyumri which was demaged by earthquake. He was in Armenia with his friend Jana Ševčíková who made here her documentary called Gyumri as well.

Doc. Jaroslav Prokop from atelier of Advertising photography from Tomas Bata Univerity in Zlin is going to start the opening.


Opening party | Flash the Readies (concert) + music support by UP Air radio

27. 03. 2017 | 21:00 – 22:00 | Jazz Tibet Club | Sokolská st. 551/48

Flash the Readies is czech post-rock band which was founded in the year 2006. During this long time they had very long and interesting progress in their music production. They have started with indie rock and now they are playing instrumental rock which you can hear on their new album called Kayos. The album was realesed under belgium label DUNK!records and also asian label Weary Bird. In their live shows the band use projection. You will take a journey from lovely silence to emotional eruptions. This is how was made a soundtrack for non-existent post apocalyptic movie.


One World Interactive

28. – 30. 03. 2017 | Theater Metropol | Sokolská st. 572/25 | free entrance

For more information click here.


Cold Cold Nights (concert)

29. 03. 2017 | 20:00 – 22:00 | Jazz Tibet Club | Sokolská st. 551/48

Jakub Jirásek also known as “Jéčko” is an Indian folk musician from Prague. He spent his childhood abroad, so home and everything connected with that is his main topic. He sings about traveling, moving, about friends, memories and plans.

He published two EPs and a split album with an American band Hey!Rabbit. In last two years he had a few shows in the Czech republic and also abroad including Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Poland and Romania. He is a big fan of DIY which led him to start his own label (Black Pearl Label) and he organized a tour with approximately 25 performances.

Since September 2014 has been supported by band named by his second EP – Cold Cold Nights. He also cooperated with movie makers and helped them with sountracks including Leaving Circadia (E.M. Weinsten). He is influenced by Neutral Milk and Justina Verona.

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3D – Dérive, Discover, Develop aka How to walk in sustainable city

31. 03. 2017 | 15:30 – 19:30 | Té & Café Kratochvíle | Sokolská st. 544/36 | free entrance

At this workshop you will get a special chance to get to know something more about psychogeography, sustainable development and urban problematic and also to really get out and try the main psychogeography technique – dérive (!) and during participation help sustainable development in the city. This playful and joyful method allows every participant to see a city in different perspective and change everyday life to something extraordinary and spontaneous.



ONE WORLD FESTIVAL PROGRAM, 27. 03. – 01. 04. 2017

Locations and admission:

Theater Metropol – Sokolská st. 572/25, Olomouc

  • Full admission fee 80 CZK / half-price admission fee 60 CZK (students, senior citizens, ISIC cards, etc.) - visitors have to show a valid discount card before enter the cinema

Olomouc Museum of Art – Denisova st. 824/47, Olomouc 

  • Full admission fee 80 CZK / half-price admission fee 60 CZK (students, senior citizens, ISIC cards, etc.) - visitors have to show a valid discount card before enter the cinema

The purchased ticket guarantees you a seat, however you cannot reserve a precise seat; it's strictly first come, first served. To take a desired seat we recommend our viewers to come to the screening in advance.


Monday, 27. 03.

18:00 | Opening ceremony with film Tickling Giants | Theater Metropol

Bassem Youssef is an Egyptian whose life was critically affected by the Arab Spring. His profession changed drastically: the surgeon became the moderator of a satirical talk show, thus fulfilling a dream. This time lapse documentary portrays his journey, from initial YouTube endeavours to his successful and professional show, which had an average TV audience of up to 30 million in the Arab world. However, after escalating threats, even from the political sphere, this Egyptian showman had to end his programme and go into exile. The story of Youssef’s courageous show reflects the political turbulence in Egypt after the fall of President Mubarak and the so-far futile efforts of the local society to attain true freedom.

Entrance: 80 CZK / 60 CZK (student, senior)


Friday, 31. 03.

16:30 | Epidemic of Freedom | Theater Metropol

Why is vaccination compulsory in CZ when most West European countries give parents a choice? Aren’t doctors vaccinating too early? Do Czech parents even have sufficient information? Documentarist Tereza Reichová and her husband, Hynek Reich Štětka, look for answers to these and other questions. The birth of their daughter Žofka brought with it concerns for her health. The couple armed themselves with a camera and filmed anything that could influence their decision to vaccinate their daughter or not. During discussions with paediatricians, the Ministry of Health, friends, Žofka’s grandmother, and each other, they discovered that forming a clear and well-founded opinion is by no means easy.

Entrance: 80 CZK / 60 CZK (student, senior)

20:30 | Gaming the Real World | Theater Metropol

One of the most successful computer games of recent times is Minecraft, in which players build virtual worlds from 3D blocks. The 11-year-old son of a Swedish city official is one of many hooked on the phenomenon. Before long, his father realises that this “digital Lego” can easily serve as a tool for participatory urban planning. This innovative method of involving the public in the reclamation of a Swedish district has not escaped the attention of UN-Habitat, a UN agency that promotes the development of socially and environmentally sustainable human settlements. The film follows several urban planning teams and three game developers who want to use games to democratise urban development.

Entrance: 80 CZK / 60 CZK (student, senior)


Saturday, 01. 04.

16:30 | Death By Design | Theater Metropol

The manufacture of laptops, mobiles and electronics overall is toxic. Aggressive chemicals lead to death from new types of cancer and birth defects in children. Manufacturers know this. They’ve been thwarting court trials and covering up information for 30 years. The poisons cannot be liquidated. They corrode containers, penetrate the air, and circle the world – harming all. This documentary systematically uncovers a problem of global proportions. It shows how things are exacerbated by inhumane conditions in Chinese factories, the methods used for “liquidating” old devices, and practices that force customers to buy new models. However, there are those who seek safe ways of dealing with electronics so they do not lead to fatal results.

Entrance: 80 CZK / 60 CZK (student, senior)

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Zuzana Marešová a Jana Gajová

Hlavní koordinátorky

18 let spolupráce v Olomouci

Jeden svět Olomouc letos oslaví v termínu 27. 3. – 1. 4. 2017 svou dospělost. Již 18 let je tento festival dokumentárních filmů o lidských právech organizován lidmi, jejichž nepopiratelné nadšení pro věc vždy posunovalo tuto kulturní událost vpřed. Pouhé nadšení však nestačí. Stejně tak důležité je také umění spolupráce – schopnosti, která není samozřejmostí a kterou je třeba v sobě pěstovat a neustále zdokonalovat.

Právě umění spolupráce se stalo hlavním tématem letošního ročníku a prostupuje celým festivalovým programem. Každý ze 17 filmů, které letos budete mít možnost v Olomouci vidět, je ukázkou toho, jak spolupráce může, anebo by naopak neměla fungovat. Festival slavnostně zahájíme snímkem Škádlení Goliáše, odyseou lékaře, jenž opouští svou profesi a touží se stát tvůrcem satirického pořadu. Film ukazuje, že dělat satiru není jen líbivou kratochvílí, ale vyžaduje mistrný vhled do problematiky a velkou odvahu! Satira je totiž každodenní revoluce, která začíná vtipem.

Divácky oblíbený snímek Míry Janka Normální autistický film nabídne vhled do života, jak režisér sám říká, nikoli handicapovaných, ale výjimečných dětí trpících autismem. K tomuto filmu do Olomouce mimo jiné přijede debatovat i rodina jednoho z hlavních protagonistů Denise Szalbota. Na videohry jako na nástroj pro územní rozvoj měst nahlédneme skrze vynikající dokument Rozehraj své město. Kontroverzní téma kritiky evropské legislativy zakazující zabíjení tuleňů, která mimoděk dopomáhá k zániku původní kultury Inuitů, zase můžete očekávat, pokud navštívíte projekci filmu Tichý hněv Inuitů.

Festival uzavře snímek Íránský rave, příběh dvou íránských DJs potýkajících se s problémy, které jim do cesty staví tamní cenzurní systém. Nečekaná příležitost vycestovat ze země a prorazit ve světě konfrontuje hlavní postavy s realitou a vnějším tlakem. Jak přistoupit k největšímu životnímu rozhodnutí?

To je však jen zlomek z celého výčtu letošního programu. Mimo pestrou nabídku filmů do Olomouce opět přivezeme také celou řadu zajímavých hostů, kteří si s vámi pohovoří na téma umění spolupráce, jímž bude tradičně prodchnut i letošní doprovodný program.

Na shledání s vámi se těší koordinátorky festivalu Zuzana Marešová a Jana Gajová.

Dramaturgii letošního ročníku připravovali: Pavel Krychtálek, Dominik Vontor, Barbora Skoumalová, Aneta Šebková, Sabina Turšnerová a Jana Gajová.